1. Deep Fayed "Dream Chaser" - P/En/Mx0:00

  2. Edward Anderson "Lost & Found" - Mx0:00

  3. Edward Anderson "Lies & Wishes" - Mx0:00

  4. Reels Green "Graffiti" - P/En/Mx/Ma0:00

  5. The Steepwater Band "Come On Down" P/En/Mx0:00

  6. The Steepwater Band "Remember the Taker" P/En/Mx0:00

  7. Magic Box "Lights Flicker" - Mx0:00

  8. Go Long Mule "Penny in a Diamond Mine" - P/En/Mx0:00

  9. Harris & the Mood "A Girl Like You" - P/En/Mx0:00

  10. Richie Pardo Quintet "Tamilpais" - En/Mx/Ma0:00

  11. Jessica Robbins "Beach House" - P/En/Mx0:00

  12. Derek Bahr "Honolulu" - P/Mx0:00

  13. Otter Petter "Magazines" - P/En/Mx0:00

  14. Dead Sheriff "New Plan" - P/En/Mx/Ma0:00

  15. Go Long Mule "Rattlesnakes" - Ma0:00

  16. Julia Klee "Talk" - P/En/Mx0:00


P=Produced  En=Engineered  Mx=Mixed  Ma=Mastered  Mu=Musician



Credit : Music Production, Recording/Mixing Engineer 

"High & Humble" from The Steepwater Band's latest LP entitled "Clava".
Diamond Day Records  2011

Directed by J.S. Acker


All My Friends Are Funeral Singers Trailer from Califone on Vimeo.

Credit:  Soundtrack Engineer, Additional Recording/Mixing

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is a feature-film written and directed by Tim Rutili of Califone.  Original score performed by Califone.  AMFAFS was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and has screened at many historic theaters around the country.  Available on DVD now.

"Giving Away the Bride" by Califone from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Credit:  Music Editor

Califone's single "Giving Away The Bride" from their latest full-length record "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" (Dead Oceans Records, 2010)


The Steepwater Band ~ The Stars Look Good Tonight from Steepwater Band on Vimeo.

Credit:  Music Recording Engineer/Mixer

Directed by J.S. Acker


The Calling Trailer from Kindling Group on Vimeo.

Credit: original score engineered/mixed by Colin Sipos

Original score composed and performed by Califone (Dead Oceans)

Premiered nationally on PBS December 2010

The Calling is a groundbreaking four-hour PBS documentary series and community engagement campaign that follows the stories of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim Americans who are training for religious leadership. It takes viewers into the unknown world of seminaries to reveal the real people "behind the robes." The Calling will have a national two-night premiere on the ITVS/PBS series Independent Lens on Monday the 20th of December and Tuesday the 21st of December 2010 at 8 PM CT, 9 PM ET, and 9 PM PST.(Check local listings for PBS station information.)


We Believe, Chicago and its Cubs from We Believe on Vimeo.

Credit:  Original score Engineered/Mixed by Colin Sipos

Composed by Steve Ford

Directed by John Scheinfeld

Premiered at the Chicago Theater.  Available on DVD now


"Sword of the Butcher" by The Ragtones

Credit: Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Tape FX